Saturday, November 6, 2010

Imagination - UPDATED

*Go to bottom of post to find out the answer

Being part of a family that has 4 kids within 13 1/2 months has it's good points and it's bad. Sometimes I feel like my kids miss out on some things because of the closeness of their age, but there are also so many good things. Like the fact that they always have playmates. Since they are all around the same age, I love to see their imagination and their creativity as they play and what all their little minds come up with together.

For a couple days they were outside playing this.

I went outside to take a picture and ask them what they were playing. I could easily tell you, but thought it would be fun to see if any of you can guess what they are doing.

So, use your imagination and take a stab at it and I will post the answer later.

**I can't believe that only 2 people took a stab at this one. Thanks to both of you and Anonymous- whoever you are, thanks for the laugh.

The kids are camping.

At first I wondered how this was camping, but I guess when we camp there is a lot of stuff in a small area.


Dana Tameling said...

Having a garage sale? That's my guess.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to make the toy trucks not work like Daddy's trucks?