Monday, April 11, 2011

"Hilarico" Things My Kids Say

Yes, I said "Hilarico." That is because recently I overheard Amanda say this to one of her siblings.

"That was Hilarico!" 

Here are some conversations I've overheard and a few other things my kids said that I found "Hilarico".


Me: "I smell a skunk."

Amanda: "I didn't fart!"


Alex: "How does God put the babies in your tummy?"

Me: "Ummm, I'll have to explain that to you another time." 


Alex and Amanda were talking in the car about what to do with Alex's old diary because she had gotten a new one.

Amanda: "I know! You can garage sale it!"

So, if anyone wants a used diary, Alex has one for sale. No juicy dirt, just a lot of drawings.


Isaac: "I have a dillion."

Alex: "That's not even a number."

Amanda: "A dillion is 12."


Isaac: "Dad told me he would pay for our high school but if we go to college we have to pay for it ourselves."

Joshua: "Isaac, don't lie."

Isaac: "I'm not lying, I'm serious. He said that."

Joshua: "How much does it cost?"

Isaac: "A lot of money. Like $100!"

Joshua: "What! I don't have $100."


The boys were playing basketball in their bedroom.

Alex walked in the room and went to sit down and watch them.

Isaac to Alex: "You can't sit there, those seats cost $1000. You need to sit up there."

I later found the girls sitting on the top bunk watching their brothers play.

They learned this because when we were at the Bulls/Pacers game Isaac asked why we couldn't sit in the seats that were closer. I told him those seats were really expensive, so we get to sit really far away. I guess that's the one thing he took away from the game!


Hope you enjoyed these and that they brought a smile to your day.

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