Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break

Last week was spring break for us. We did a whole lot of not very exciting things.

We started out the week with my sister coming over for coffee. We pretended that we were in Florida, with no kids and if we stepped out the door it would be 85 degrees. It didn't work very well.

Monday night I found my kids jumping off the top bunk of the bunk bed with backpacks on and into a pile of blankets.  They were parachuting. I have to admit, it was quite genius. I did have to tell them to stop though because I have was having visions of me sitting in the ER with all 4 of them when they were supposed to be snug in bed.

Tuesday we went to a friends house for lunch and then karate at night.

Wednesday I had to work, so they got to hang out with dad.

Thursday, Brad took the day off and we went to the Children's Museum. I had a Groupon there that we needed to use up (I love Groupon!).

The girls and I painted some beautiful flowers and we all went into the wood shop. Alex made the thing with the bottle caps on both sides, the boys sawed a piece of wood with dad, and Amanda made the square thing. She decided she could use it as a picture frame. Maybe for a tall, skinny person. Uncle Scott?

Thursday night Brad and I left the kids at home and headed out for dinner with some friends.

Friday the boys went to my sister's house to play with their cousins so me and the girls did what girls are supposed to do when there are no males around.

We went dress shopping.

I love dress shopping with them. We each had our own dressing room and the girls came out modeling dresses for Easter. I came home with 5 dresses and 3 shirts for myself. This week, I will be returning 4 dresses and 2 shirts. I'm about ready to give up on clothes shopping. One of those things that I feel like I waste a lot of time doing and get nothing accomplished.

Friday night we watched 3 boys while their mom and dad went on a date. It sure is busy when you have 5 boys in the house.

Saturday I decorated a cake for my nieces 1st birthday party and then we attended her party that night.

I just loved her little tutu.

See, a whole lot of nothing. As uneventful as it was I enjoyed having Brad home for a long weekend, having the kids home and sleeping in. Now it's back to alarm clocks and schedules.

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