Thursday, March 15, 2012

My 2 Year Old Niece

A couple weeks ago my sister called me and asked if I would take her daughter's 2 year pictures. I love any opportunity to photograph the children in my life, so of course I said yes. The next day was supposed to be pretty warm and because I couldn't see into the future to know that 2 weeks later we would have unseasonably warm weather and it would be better to just wait, we headed to the park.

Nope, since I did not have that knowledge, we headed to the park on a somewhat warm day but it was extremely windy. We found one little spot that was blocked by the wind but my niece had no intentions of smiling.

Finally we gave up, headed back to my sister's house and decided to just use the natural light pouring in the windows and try to get some good shots.

After learning that she could have a candy if she smiled, we got some smiles. But even at the young age of 2, she knew just the right amount of smiles to give so that she would get offered another candy and then the smiles came back again.

I've also been having a lot of fun with my editing program. I'm learning the different things it does, so it's nice to have some new photographs to practice with.


My aunt made this sweater and the rocking chair was my grandma's.

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