Tuesday, July 3, 2012

HE is Faithful Through It All

This week is always a week of memories for me. Some good, some bad.

As I sit in my house every evening listening to fireworks being blown off, (Yes, NW Indiana is like a war zone this time of year) I am reminded of 8 years ago, as I lay on the couch, as big as a house (me, not the couch) spending my last week on bedrest, waiting for my 3 babies to be born.

For those of you wanting a picture......sorry, you are not getting one today.

It's a reminder to me how faithful HE is.

When you are pregnant with triplets, it is obviously a high risk pregnancy. He brought me through with a pregnancy that didn't have any major complications. Yes, I spent a few weeks in the hospital and 5 weeks on the couch but He kept my babies safe. I delivered at 35 1/2 weeks and I gave birth to 3 healthy babies that came home 8 days later.

HE is good and I have been blessed!

This week is also a reminder of a week in my life that doesn't have the greatest memories.

This afternoon I will remember how 6 years ago my mom walked through my door for the last time. She had been searching everywhere for "crocs" that would fit Alex and Amanda's tiny feet and she had finally succeeded that day. She came in all excited and wanted to make sure that they fit them before she gave them to them for their 2nd birthday.

That afternoon she went home and life changed. She had a stroke but didn't realize that is what it was.

Tomorrow morning (4th of July) I will remember how she had planned for us all to go out to breakfast. As I showed up at Sheffield's, I found out that instead my Dad was taking her to the emergency room.

Tomorrow afternoon I will remember how I went to the ER to visit her. I sat in her room watching her nurse thinking how maybe I should go to school to become a nurse someday. Then the Dr. arrived and told us all that my mom had a stroke.

As he was talking, I became lightheaded and almost fainted. I then realized that nursing probably wasn't in my future.

I sat there with her as my Dad went home to get some of her things because she was going to be admitted.

That was the last day I talked to her that she was able to talk back.

On July 6, I will remember sitting in the waiting room as they performed Life-saving brain surgery on her. She made it through but was in a coma. We were hopeful as we waited for her to wake up. We were hopeful as we waited to find out what God's will was for her life.

Last week we were driving East on Rt30 at night past the hospital she was in. That hallway all lit up, that we walked every day to get to her ICU room, another reminder.

She never made it out of that coma.

But all of these reminders, as painful as they can be, are reminders of the great God that we serve and how HE has brought me through it all. He has brought me through it and has changed me. Definitely for the better.

I would like to end with one of my favorite Bible verses and one that I think is extremely comforting.

....in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart, I have overcome the world.          

John 16:33


The Rozendals said...

What a painful reflection for you Melissa but what a great reminder that God is all powerful and in control. Thanking God for the triplets and praying you through this difficult week! XOXO

Chris VL said...

Melissa, this brought tears to my eyes. Your mom was an awesome lady. She would be so proud of the mother you have become, & your kids would bring her so much joy. Until you all meet again, you can take comfort in knowing that HE IS FAITHFUL. xoxoxo