Sunday, September 23, 2012

I think she hears us AND she is laughing!

Brad is not a fan of road trips. He is not a very patient driver to begin with but anytime I plan a trip I try to find something close because he doesn't like to be in the car more than an hour. Two hours is really pushing it.

Rightfully so. As a kid, his vacations consisted of trips to Kansas or California to visit grandparents. Apparently these trips were not fun.

I, on the other hand, love road trips. There is something so peaceful about staring out the window for hours looking at God's creation. Even if it is cornfields for hours on end. I have fond memories of family vacations to Florida, driving through the night, and spending time with the family.

When we go somewhere as a family, I love the relaxing drives. Well, I love it until we get close to our destination and we need to find exactly where we have to go.

We have a Garmin that is a few years old. I love how she tells you where to go and gives you an estimated time of arrival. Unfortunately, she is not always the best at giving us the correct directions and it ends up with me and Brad yelling, turning around a million times, and trying to figure out exactly where we are supposed to be.

It always ends with Brad saying, "That thing is going in the garbage as soon as we get home."

I of course nod, knowing that I will not be throwing it out and our next trip we will play this fun game again.

We've had trips to Chicago where we keep losing satellite and she keeps saying, "Recalculating."

Brad: Where do I need to turn.

Me: I don't know. Just a second.

Garmin: Recalculating

Brad: I need to know where to go.

Me: I know but she's not telling me.

Garmin: Turn on ____.

Me: We needed to turn on that street.

Brad: You need to tell me before we get to the street.

Garmin: Recalculating.

You get the drift. And I should probably add a lot of exclamation marks and I'm not really sure how to add frustration.

Then there was the trip to Iowa. We missed the street we needed to turn on and she told us to go to the next street and it would bring is around in a circle. Well, it did not bring us around in a circle. It brought us to a dead end and we were pulling a trailer. Not fun to try and turn around.

Then on our way home from Iowa, she brought us a completely different route. We were on a time crunch and then she just turned off on us. Thankfully, my phone helped us a little and a quick stop at a gas station to ask directions.

This past weekend, Brad and I took a trip to Indianapolis. We were cruising along just fine until it was time to get off the highway and drive 2 miles to our hotel.

Me: Take a right. Now take a left.

Brad: This is weird. This is a subdivision.

Me: I know but that is what she said. Maybe it takes us through to the next street.

       Nope, dead end.

There was some landscaping and then we could see the street we needed to be on. We turned around.

After finally figuring out how to get to the other street, going through an Industrial area, we finally got close to the hotel. And because we don't like to do anything easy, we passed up the street to the hotel and turned around once again.

We figured out the next day that at the first right she had us take, we could have gone straight and it would have taken us directly to our hotel.

I am convinced that she can hear us. She purposely brings us the wrong way and then laughs at us as we fight and try to figure out how to get to our destination.

Can't wait to see where she brings us on our next trip!


Eva said...

This is all likely because we are friends. Blame me. This is exactly te stuff that happens to me

Heather VanLaten said...

You need to start using your magic iPhone!! It works so much better than the Garmin