Monday, October 8, 2012

Camping Fun

It's amazing what you'll find when you download pictures from your camera.

We went camping over Labor Day and I had forgotten that I had taken a few pictures.

It was a little hot that weekend, so one afternoon we headed to the Nature Center to get a little relief. Yes, there was air conditioning there. They had a coloring contest and some crafts the kids could do. Amanda won the contest and won a bird book.

All the boys are getting older and now love building their own fires. Another big thing this year was riding their bikes to the creek to try and catch whatever animals they could find.

The two Isaac's and Jack always have a good time together, as you can see.

The kids had a blast and as they get older, surprisingly enough, camping gets a little more relaxing for Brad and I. Well, relaxing after all the packing and setting up. But after all that is done, you can often find us parked in a lawn chair.

We were actually supposed to go camping again this past weekend but ended up cancelling due to cold temps. This family does not camp in winter coats. We like our furnace!

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