Friday, March 7, 2014

The Numbers Are In

The proof is in the pudding.

Or shall we say, the proof is in saying 'No' to the pudding. Even Chocolate Pudding. And Banana Pudding. I've never had Peanut Butter Pudding but I imagine it would be good. So, you should even say 'No' to Peanut Butter Pudding.

The point is......You are what you eat. And I think Brad's recent blood test showed exactly that.

Yesterday I picked up the results and I am still in amazement! I asked the nurse to print out last years and this years for me.

Last years numbers reflect Brad not being on any medication and eating whatever he wanted as well as no exercise. I should point out though that he does not have a sedentary job and spends most of the time at work walking and on his feet. He is horrible at taking medication and has already told his daughters that when they get older, if I'm not around they need to come over and make sure he takes his meds otherwise he will die. I'm not so sure if I'm still alive he should rely on my memory either.

This year Brad was taking his medication in December and January. But as I mentioned, he's not so good at it, so it was definitely not daily. The first week in February his meds were gone and I did not go and get more.

Without further are the results.

These are the results after just 26 days of us changing what and how we eat.

Triglycerides- the normal range is less than 150.

Last years test shows he was at 735.

I know! How was he walking around.

And this year.........

Drum roll please.......


I can't believe it either. It's amazing!!!!

Now to the HDL Cholesterol-  Normal is above 40.

Last year Brad was at 24.

It was about 11 years ago when he first found out this number was low. His Dr. at the time told him that with diet and exercise he would be lucky to get that number to 36.

Drum roll again please......

Now it's at exactly 40.

Last year his Glucose and Non-HDL Cholesterol were also both out of the normal range and are both back in the normal range this year.

I am still amazed at the results after just 26 days. Let me say it again, 26 DAYS!!!!!

If you are sick of taking your meds.......what do you have to lose! Except some weight and the bills for those pills.

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