Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Celebrating Eve's Daughters

The other day I came across a blog post that brought back some memories for me. It reminded me that Mother's Day for most of us is a joyous day. I day that we can celebrate our moms and, as a mom, a day that our family celebrates us. But for many, it is a difficult day.

I was reminded of 7 years ago when all I truly desired was to be a mom. At that time I had sought the help of a fertility specialist and knew what our plan was. All I could think of was that if the treatments didn't work, I might not be a mom. I remember sitting in church and listening to a Mother's Day sermon. I can't even tell you anymore than that because I really just did not want to be there. It was one of those days that you need to leave the house, pretend everything is great and plaster a smile on your face but it's really the one day you would rather spend at home not talking to anyone and wallowing in your own self pity.

Little did I know that the next year I would be spending Mother's Day in the hospital on bedrest because I was pregnant with triplets. But for many they don't have the happy ending that I had. They may spend years of painful Mother's Days before they become a mom or they may never become one at all. I really enjoyed this woman's outlook and encourage you to click on over and read her post. Please share it with someone who may be having a hard time this year.

It also reminded me of those who don't have a mom to celebrate. This will be my third year without a mom to celebrate with, but I definitely have a mom to celebrate. She was a godly woman who meant a lot to me. Although she is not physically here with me, I remember her everyday and am thankful to God for the gift she was to me for so many years and that gift goes on with everything she instilled in me. There are those out there who don't have that though due to so many different circumstances.

This year, as you celebrate with your mom or with your kids, remember those who may be hurting on this day. Say a prayer for them. If you know someone personally that is having a difficult day, tell them that you know it is a difficult day for them. They will greatly appreciate it.

Happy Mother's Day to ALL Eve's Daughters!


Christine said...

Well done, Melissa. Great post. I'm sharing this one. :)

Beth said...

brought tears to my eyes :) Glad that we have so many memories to celebrate! And very thankful that you are celebrated as a mother!

J Groen said...

Nice post. I remember a very encouraging thing that Rhonda wrote me during my years of infertility, about all the ways a woman can bear fruit in her life, childbearing is not the only one.