Monday, May 10, 2010

Moments with my Children

This time of year I always start to get sentimental. The first weekend of May is when I went into the hospital on complete bedrest when I was pregnant with my triplets. I was only 26 weeks along. Then Mother's Day comes along and that just adds to it. It makes me think about how thankful I am to be a mom and how thankful I am for each of my children, how they are all healthy and the miracles that they are. They make my heart just overflow with gratitude!

362~ Excitement and interest on kids face as I read to them a Bible story and then when I'm done they ask me to read them another

363~ Overhearing Joshua say to Isaac, "Do you remember what we learned last night?" referring to the Bible story I had read them the night before

364~ Tulips, a big cookie and cards picked out for me by my precious children.

365~ Watching Tom and Jerry with my kids.

366~ Telling a story to the girls and their interest and little giggles.

367~ Spending a few minutes alone with each of my sons before bedtime and their excitement to tell me all about baseball during this time.

368~ Laughter from the kids as I read the cards out loud that they gave me for Mother's Day.

369~ The gift of my children and the reminder of that as we celebrate Mother's Day.

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