Friday, June 11, 2010

More Randomvis

Monday, Joshua had a dentist appointment.

I forgot.

I called on Tuesday and she got him in for Wednesday and Isaac too. So here are the last 2 pictures of dentist appointments that you will have to see. Technically this is not Isaac's first dentist appointment, since he had the extra teeth problem and has had oral surgery. But, it is his first cleaning.

4 cavities!

Monday night, I went to the grocery store. Got home and went to take out a loaf of bread from the freezer, which I always am stocked up on. Well, apparently not this time. I did not feel like going back to the grocery store and have always wanted to try making my own bread. Since it was a rainy day on Tuesday, I decided to do just that.

It was delicious but not something I want to do in place of buying bread.

This is what happens when you take 4 kids to a subdivision garage sale and then to a sprinkle park with a sled hill next to it. The sled hill will tempt them to climb it and run down it about 20 times, making them extremely tired. Then let them swim in the pool for a little while and then ...........well, you see what happened.

I'm just throwing this in here because seriously, isn't it just beautiful? I wish I could look at this everyday!

And......just so I don't leave my husband out. He plays in a church softball league and last night he hit a in-the-park home run and also had a double play!

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