Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fun With Cake

I love to bake but don't often get the time. And even if I do it's to quick make some cookies. I love to decorate cakes and get creative, once again, not enough time. Here are a couple things I have done recently.

Rainbow cupcakes. This is not the wrapper that is rainbow. It's the actual cake. I marveled at the cupcakes color the whole time I ate it! I must say, it was a pain to make and not quite sure I will ever do it again. Just very time consuming putting all the different layers together.

This cake was for a friends baby shower. I'm sure you can guess, she knew she was having a girl. I love making the different layers! Then I just went to town making a bunch of swirls.

I found this new buttercream frosting recipe that is so easy and so delicious! It's not the best for decorating though. Wouldn't recommend it if you are doing any extensive decorating and I felt like I needed to keep the cake in the fridge because the frosting was so soft. But did I mention that it is delicious? I also used this for the cupcakes.

Now I just have to figure out what to do for a cake for 3 kids turning 6 and my husband. They all celebrate their birthday the same week. If anyone has any creative ideas let me know.

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