Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

The Berean Fellowship Baptist Church is located in Gary, IN and really has a great need for repairs to their building. If you look at all the pictures, you can see just that. 

They have a roof that is leaking.

This has caused some extensive damage to the inside
and the nursery needs to be completely remodeled.

This year, our church gave each small group $400 to use for community service or outreach. Our group decided to hold a pancake breakfast fundraiser to help the Berean Fellowship Baptist Church. We were able to buy all the supplies with just $200 of the $400 we were given.

It was also decided to hold a bake sale at the same time and many women graciously donated baked goods for this cause.

Planning it was a great time for our group to come together. Everyone pitched in and was really able to use their gifts to get it all together.

The day itself was also a huge blessing. So many people came out to support this church and we also had many members from Berean Fellowship come out and help serve.

Helping others always brings out the love!

Pastor Raymond and his wife Sonya

Our group of volunteers.

We are so thankful to all of those who supported this breakfast and this church.
So many people helped in so many different ways. Those who came to eat, those who came to help serve, those who baked, those who watched our kids while we were there all morning, those who donated, and those who prayed.

With all your help $200 was turned into $3000! Praise God!

Over the next couple months, repairs will made and many will be donating their time as well. We ask that you we keep this church in your prayers and all of those who will be working there.


Angie said...

What a wonderful blessing to see believers reaching out and helping other believers! A testimony to all of us.


kvb said...

That's great Melissa!