Saturday, July 10, 2010

Birthday Week

Birthday week at our house is finally over. This year birthday week meant me cooking an awful lot. We started last Sunday with Brad's birthday. He requested cinnamon rolls for breakfast and a roast and mashed potatoes for lunch.

Thursday was Alexandra, Amanda and Joshua's 6th birthday. We started celebrating on Tuesday. Everyone was able to pick what they wanted for supper one night. Tuesday night Amanda chose spaghetti. Wednesday night Alex chose grilled chicken, potatoes and corn. Thursday night Joshua wanted meatballs and baked beans.

They also got to pick breakfast the morning of their birthday. They chose waffles.

On friday night, it was time for a party!

Brad complained that he didn't get a cake, so he got his own special cupcake.

Besides making tons of food, I also spent a lot of time working in the yard to get it ready. Brad also was busy with all kinds of house projects. That could be a whole other post.  I think next week there will be lots of days just relaxing by the pool!

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