Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Best Cinnamon Rolls Ever!

Every Week I make some sort of home baked item for our Sunday breakfast. On Friday I decided I would make some Blueberry Muffins and some Banana Muffins and we could have half on Sunday morning and I could freeze the other half for the following Sunday. As I went to make them I realized I only had 7 paper baking cups.

At supper I told my husband that I needed to run real quick to the grocery store to get some more and he replied, "Can't you make cinnamon rolls for Sunday?" I told him my reasoning for making the muffins and that I would make them the following week and that I didn't have enough yeast. He of course said, we might not make it that long and pointed out how I was going to the grocery store already. I told him that they were "Cinnabon - Buns from Heaven" so if we didn't make it a couple weeks he would probably be able to get them there. Well, needless to say, he did end up winning. I made my muffins on Friday night and we had them this morning for breakfast and then I froze the rest. I spent this morning making these wonderful "Buns from Heaven".

They are a lot of work, but so worth it. I will enjoy tomorrow morning as everyone scarfs these down. I thought I would share the recipe for these with you all so you can make them. If you like butter and sugar, you will love these! There is a lot of both!

The only thing I do differently is that the recipe tells you to put them in a 9x13 pan and a 9x9. I actually cut them a little smaller so that I can make two 9x13 pans and put one in the freezer for another week.

And yes, there are 3 missing from this pan. It is hard to not eat one right out of the oven. My sister was over, so we both had one and so did my husband.

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