Saturday, August 8, 2009


Because I have multiples I often get questions about it. People are very curious as to what it is like but to be honest, I don't know what it is like to not have multiples so it is hard to answer that question. Just take every thing you do for your 1 child and multiple that. When they were young it was probably a lot different than what the normal parent experiences but now that they are older it seems to me that having my 4 kids all born with in 13 1/2 months doesn't seem like it would be any more work than the average person that has 4 kids all different ages. In some senses I think I probably have it easier.

One question I often get is, "Are their personalities all different?" Yes, God has made them all completely unique! I think so often sisters grow into becoming best friends later in life because of the age gap when they are younger but Alex and Amanda were able to be born with their best friend. They don't need to grow into that but as much as they love each other and play so well together their personalities are completely and utterly different.

Amanda looks more like her dad or at least that side of the family but so many of her personality traits are more like me. She likes things more organized and in their place, everything has to be a certain way and gets upset when it's not. Absolutely hates to lose things! She is definitely more of a mommy's girl than a daddy's girl and loves to follow me around, imitate me, she's the mothering one and is always concerned for every one's well being. One thing that she is that I am not really is emotional she will cry at the drop of a hat. She is also more outgoing and will be quick to meet other kids and include them. She loves to sleep and still likes to take naps, that one she gets from her dad.

Now, Alex looks like me but has a lot of her dad's characteristics. She is much more laid back and she is always losing things. We like to play a game every Sunday called "Where did Alex leave her purse?" She either leaves it somewhere in the house and when we get in the car and realize she has left it in the house, it is my job to go through the house and determine exactly where Alex has been and find the purse. If she doesn't leave it in the house, she'll often leave it at church. She is always happy and smiling. A couple ways that she is like her mom, often shy when she doesn't know someone but once she knows them she won't stop talking and she isn't a big sleeper and does not like mornings!

Even when it comes to clothes they are different. I took them shopping for Easter dresses this past Spring. When I asked them if they wanted the same dresses or different dresses they both immediately responded, "DIFFERENT!" A lot of times I don't even bother to buy them matching or coordinating clothes because they won't wear them at the same time anyway.

And there you have it! Two girls, born on the same day who are best friends but couldn't be more different from each other!

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