Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Living Room Finished

Nine Years ago we bought our first house. It was just a simple Cape Cod built in the 50's. At the time we didn't know what God had in store for our family and just thought it was a starter house. We started some projects, finished some projects. Five years ago we added 3 kids to this house and four years ago we added a 4th kid to this house. It became very small, very quick. So more projects were started. This was our living room 9 years ago. I wish I had a better picture but this is all I have.

This is our living room now. We completely gut it. We have new windows, new trim, took out the plaster and made it drywall. We made our doorways bigger, we've refinished the hardwood floors twice, and added an opening so you can see into the kitchen. A fireplace and bookshelves have been added. Of course, in between these projects this room has taken on a different look from the first picture to the new pictures. It's been filled with baby things and was even our dining room for awhile since our kitchen was so small.

There is a little painting to do yet on the trim, we need window treatments yet and someday I hope to move the piano out of here and get a couple new chairs for more seating. But other than that this room is done.

As we complete projects I will continue to show you before and after pictures around the house for those of you who haven't been able to come over to see them.


Beth said...

Even had time to blog with extra kids, huh! Lucky you! It looks fabulous, you should invite me over sometime to see it in person-haha!

Melissa said...

sure, how about you come over and pick up your kids! haha!