Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another Fair Day

I'm not sure what happened to "planner" Melissa lately because "spontaneous" Melissa has been taking over. Now, I'm not sure that my name and the word spontaneous have ever been used in the same sentence. I used to like everything to be planned and scheduled but lately I think I'm realizing that my kids are growing just way to stinkin' fast and I need to take every opportunity I can to do things with them. So when my sister Beth called me the other day and asked if I wanted to go to the fair I jumped right on that! Sure my yard needs a lot of work and my van hasn't been washed in about 2 months but it will get done someday.

So before we left we established a "no rides" policy and I had a couple errands to run (I can't drop absolutely everything, I had some free stuff to go get at CVS) and then we headed off. Now I really hope the fair wasn't trying to make $$$ off of us because we were there for about 3 hours and found absolutely everything that we could do for free. We only spent $$$ on some lunch, which it rained on us while we ate it.

In one building there was a table where the kids could spin a wheel and then were asked a question specific to that number. If they answered it correctly they were able to choose a prize of either a tattoo, granola bar, chips, sticker or pencil. Isaac's question was, "What is cheese made from?" His response, "Cheetos!" Well, of course it is! His prize for that answer was none other than a bag of Cheetos.

We also pet some bunnies.

We made some candles.

We looked at the animals.

Here are cousin Eddie and Ellie (my kids have a cousin Eddie and Ellie).

We went to the petting zoo which had a kangaroo, some goats, a water buffalo, a zebra and a camel to name a few.

Isaac enjoyed talking to the animals and tried to feed them wood chips since his mom is too cheap to buy the food to feed them.

And that was our day at the fair.

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Beth said...

look at those pictures, they really did have fun, even though they refused to admit it that day!