Monday, August 10, 2009

Continuing to Count My Blessings

As another week has passed I continue to count the blessings I receive from our good and gracious God.

61~ blue skies

62~ family to help watch my kids as I head off for my days of jury duty

63~ daily bread

64~ prayer

65~ new friends

66~ old friends

67~ quiet time

68~ blowing bubbles

69~ freedom to worship

70~ homegrown vegetables

71~ steak on the grill

72~ sound of crickets outside

73~ air conditioning on a hot day

Would you like to start your own list of 1000 Gifts? Grab a pen and paper and start counting your blessings. For more information check out The Gratitude Community.


Maria said...

Good morning Melissa!
What a beautiful family ~ I love your list! I'm grateful to read it as it is a blessing you take the time to count them !
My children are grown, and I'm feeling tugged to go back in my photo albums and list the blessings of those precious days ~ All the best to you ~Maria
ps. I have an Amanda too :o)

Melissa said...

Hi Maria, thanks for commenting. It's nice to get to know fellow bloggers through the gratitude community.

deb said...

we are unique, and yet part of something the same, this sharing of gratitude.
thanks for your list... the bubble blowing is such joy

Karen said...

It's a wonderful thing to find a blessing within jury duty! I too am grateful for blue skies and air conditioning. Enjoy your week and may it be filled to the brim with things to be thankful for!