Monday, August 3, 2009


It's easy to grumble and complain throughout my day. I wish the kids would quit fighting, I'm sick of doing laundry, the house is a mess again and the list goes on and on. This past spring I read a book called "Respectable Sins" by Jerry Bridges. In this book one of the sins he talks about is Unthankfulness. Have you ever thought of your unthankfulness as sin? I know I never did until I read this book. So everytime I am grumbling or complaining about the littlest detail in my life I am telling God that I am unthankful for that. In this book Jerry Bridges says:

The truth is, our whole lives should be lives of continual thanksgiving. Paul told his audience at Athens that "[God] himself gives to all mankind life and breath and everything" (Acts 17:25). That means that every breath we draw is a gift from God. Everything we are and everything we have is a gift from Him.

He goes on later to say:

Most people who read this book acknowledge that everything comes from God, but how often do we stop to give thanks to Him? At the end of the workday in your profession or job, do you ever take time to say, "Thank You, heavenly Father, for giving me the skill, ability, and health to do my work today?" Do you ever physically or mentally go through your house, look at your furnishings and various items of home decoration, and say to God, "Everything in the house and the food in the cupboard and the car (or cars) in the driveway are gifts from You. Thank you for your gracious and generous provision"?

Through the Gratitude Community it has helped me to walk around my house as I do my daily chores or play with the kids and be thankful for the things around me or the things happening around me and to give thanks to God for these things. I know to do this I don't need to post them on my blog, but I think it helps me to be accountable to continue to do this instead of just forgetting or slacking off. Here are some of the things I was thankful for the last week:

46~ children retelling Bible stories they heard at VBS

47~ VBS

48~ hearing 75 kids sing praises to God

49~ smell of fresh cut grass

50~ clean feet (they were really dirty after running through that freshly cut grass!)

51~ beautiful flowers

52~ clean sheets

53~ a good conversation

54~ pork roast and mashed potatoes

55~ a contest won- a prize in the mail

56~ rain

57~ sunshine

58~ birthdays celebrated

59~ vehicles that keep going

60~ watching kids wrestle with their dad


Mama K said...

Nice list... How good to be thankful for "cars that keep on running"! One of ours didn't and do you think I remembered to be thankful that the other did? Well, I will now. Thank you. - K.

Maria said...

Well said... and sounds like a great book!
clean sheets, mashed potatoes, cars that keep going (mine's a '98) these are a few of my favorite things ;o)
all the best

deb said...

I am grateful for the discipline aspect,the community opportunity
It gifts too.
And for Dad's that wrestle, how priceless.
thanks for sharing