Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Couple Things Worth Checking Out

I just wanted to share with you all a couple links that are worth checking out. One is to read and the other to listen.

Recently a friend of mine on facebook had a link to Beth Moore's hairbrush story. If you aren't familiar with Beth Moore, you should become familiar with her. She is a woman that has a true passion for Christ and follows the Spirit wherever He may lead her. So, if you haven't read this story, just click on the link above and read it. Warning: you will probably cry.

The second link is to a sermon by Pastor Mark Driscoll. If you aren't familiar with him, once again I highly suggest him. He is the pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA. This sermon is about Mary and Martha but don't let the name fool you, this sermon isn't just for women. It's a sermon that all of us busy Christians need to listen to.

I'll be honest, I am a Martha through and through. I've had a hard time lately being anything but a Martha because my schedule is so busy, actually I like a busy schedule but it leaves little time to be a Mary. I often fail at putting Jesus first and sitting at His feet before I start all my Martha tasks.

Below I've copied and pasted what is posted on the link about this sermon. After reading this, I highly suggest clicking above on my link and listening to the whole sermon. Download it onto your ipod and listen to it while you workout, clean house, or drive in the car.

Are you Mary or Martha? Mary’s contemplative; Martha’s active. Mary’s about being; Martha’s about doing. Martha thought she was going to serve Jesus the good portion, but Mary chose the good portion. Jesus is our good portion that will never be taken away. A meal is temporary, but time with Jesus is a gift that lasts forever.

We live in a Martha world; we’re troubled, we’re anxious, and we’re distracted. But God built this world to be a Mary world with Martha moments. When sin entered the world, it turned into a Martha world in which we have to fight for Mary moments. The rhythm of our day is supposed to be Mary first, then Martha. Spend time with Jesus, then get stuff done. Worship like Mary, then work like Martha. Worship God before you work so that you can worship God in your work. We want Mary’s heart and Martha’s hands.

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