Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Fun

It seems that as I get older I get more sappy and sentimental on Mother's Day and Father's Day.

This Father's Day I just feel so blessed to have a heavenly Father that loves me unconditionally.

I have an earthly father that taught me all about my heavenly Father.

I have a father-in-law that taught my husband all about our heavenly Father.

And I have a husband, the father of my children, that is faithful in teaching my children about that same heavenly Father.

So thankful for all of these men in my life.

We tried to make Brad feel special by making all his favorite foods.

The morning started with homemade cinnamon rolls. After we came home from church we had pot roast and mashed potatoes. That was followed by one of his favorite desserts. He loves the big chocolate chip cookies that you can buy at the store all decorated. Well, I think they are way overpriced and don't taste very good. So we made him one ourselves.

I meant to just write the same thing over and over again until I got to the bottom of the cookie but then after writing it twice I decided to add the kids names to it.

Brad is such a good dad. He is always having fun playing with the kids. After working hard, no matter how tired he is, he is willing to go outside and play baseball or football or whatever sport it is they boys want to play. He loves to take them places, watch movies with them, and hearing about their day. Since he works nights, he'll often call them in the evening to hear about things they did during the day. But most importantly he loves to teach them about Jesus.

And I love him for being such a good dad to our children.

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