Friday, June 3, 2011

Running Errands

This week we had a few car troubles, so I spent the week without wheels. It was much needed time stuck at home so I could get some things done. Although I'm not exactly sure what I got done, mainly some yardwork.

Today, I finally got my car back. Normally I like to run my errands when Brad is home or when the kids are at school but for obvious reasons that didn't happen.

So this afternoon I got to endure enjoy running errands with ALL four of my kids.

First we headed to Lowe's to order some lumber. If it takes an hour to order lumber when it's not busy, I wonder how long it would actually take if they were busy. Of course, Isaac had a whole new audience and a cashier that was amused by him so he was in rare form.

After letting the fine people at Lowe's enjoy our circus, we headed off to the pool store to buy some new goggles.

After selecting our goggles and paying for them, we headed outside to find that someone had left the side door to the van wide open. Good thing the rest of the doors were locked. I guess if no one wants to steal your car when you leave the door wide open, I'm guessing I'm pretty safe and my car is mine until it dies.

We then headed to the meat market where......YEAH! there was a big bowl of suckers because we were starting to settle down and were in need of more sugar. After getting some more sugar in the kids systems, we headed to Walgreens where nothing exciting really happened except for fighting over who was going to push the cart and then half way through the store no one wanted to push the cart. Oh yea, then there is the usual whining and begging for things and me saying they weren't on sale today.

Then off to Jewel we went. Of course we had to get the big fire engine cart, which is always fun to steer. Then add another 160 lbs to it, then continue to add groceries. I'm sure you get what I mean. After loading up the cart, we headed back to the other side of the store so we could get a chicken dinner. On our way back, with four kids hanging out of a cart filled with groceries, my kids start singing Crazy Train. A nice touch to the look we already had going for us.

I normally don't let my children listen to Ozzie but they said they learned it from a movie and they only know one line which they tend to sing over and over again.

I did forget though what good helpers they are when it comes to bagging everything for me in the self checkout.

It's always fun the questions people ask. The biggest one is, "Are they all yours?" I got asked this one again today at Walgreens.

One of these times I'm going to answer back with, "No, It's just so boring to run errands with one kid so I take the neighborhood kids with me."

Then there is the lady in front of me at Jewel today that just kept looking back at me and then down at my kids and just wasn't sure what to say.

On a different not, I also have this little tidbit that has nothing to do with errands but that I thought was funny. Isaac was getting an apple out of the drawer in the fridge tonight and then proceeded to shut the door without shutting the drawer. I pointed out to him that he needed to shut the drawer and Isaac says, "I wish there was a button that we could just push and it would shut the drawer, that would be easier."

At 5 years old, my boy is too lazy to shut a drawer and wants a button that will do it for him?!

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