Monday, July 25, 2011

Making Sense Of It All

On Friday, July 22 my Grandma went to be with our heavenly Father. She lived to be 85 and I will always remember her for the big smile that she always wore and her love of affection. You could always plan on a hug and kiss every time you said hello and goodbye.  

Below is a picture of her on Christmas 2009 with some of her great-grandchildren.

On Sunday we went to her funeral.

Although I talk to my children about death quite often because of my mom's passing 5 years ago, this was going to be the first funeral they have ever attended. I have tried to explain it all to them but seeing it is a whole different ball game.

On our way there I explained to them that her body would be there and it would look like she was sleeping.

Isaac was very interested in this when we got there. As you know, Isaac usually says what is on his mind. Many times he asked me to go with him to see Grandma.

He was very curious and wanted to touch her. He was also wondering how her body was here but she is in heaven.

He asked me, "Does her body just stay here and her head goes up?" I guess I have explained to him before that the body stays here but he figured some part of her must go to heaven so it had to be the head and surely she didn't go to heaven yet because clearly she was right in front of him.

He then wondered if after the service she would go up to heaven. He thought it would be great if he could see this happen.

After the service I was talking to my aunt. I'm guessing Isaac was willing to ask anyone questions about this that would listen. He apparently had a whole conversation with her about whether Great-Grandma was wearing shoes and why she needed them.

Yes, sometimes questions from my kids can drive me nuts but other times I love to hear how their mind is working and how they are trying to make sense of all the things they see and hear.

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