Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Delicious Donuts

Sometimes Facebook is a very useful tool. Like the fact that without Facebook I would have never learned about the most delicious donuts.

I admit, I was skeptical. I love donuts and all, but are they that great that everyone is talking about them?

So when my friend Eva posted on Saturday a picture of her recently purchased donuts, I had to ask her where my donut was. And the good friend that Eva is, she snuck one past her family just so that I could try one.

I took one bite and I was sold.

A small piece was shared with my husband and each child was given a small bite. They were sold on them as well. I thought a lot about that donut that day.

Well, it just so happened that Isaac was asked to go to this same apple orchard with a friend on Tuesday. Ahhhh, my chance to get a whole dozen of these delicious donuts. Even Joshua said when he found out Isaac was going, "Mom, have Isaac get donuts."

Now, if you know anything about me, I am quite frugal when it comes to my spending money on food. I paid $8 for a dozen of these donuts and they were worth every penny!
They are a pumpkin donut but the best I can explain it is that it is more like a cinnamon spice donut with a pumpkin glaze.  I want to know how to make this glaze. If anyone knows.....please share. I'm thinking if I could make this glaze I could add it to a variety of different things like maybe different kinds of cakes.

I even bought a Groupon recently to this orchard, so I plan to go there myself. Maybe I can figure out the mystery of the pumpkin glaze!

So if you head out to the apple orchard and you buy a donut. Think of me and if you feel so moved to do so, feel free to bring me back a pumpkin donut!
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Rachael said...

We are planning on going to the orchard in a couple weeks when we come out to visit. My mouth is watering now :) I'll definitely be buying some of these. I also need to check and see if that groupon is still out there...

Melissa said...

Unfortunately I think the Groupon is gone. Maybe I'll see you there, I think that is the same week that we plan on going. I've seen some awesome pics that people have taken at the orchard, so I'm really excited to photograph my kids there!