Monday, September 19, 2011

Pictures That Make Me Happy

These pictures remind me of one day that I had nothing to do.

No Agenda, no lists, no where to be, nobody needing me (well they may have needed me but I was very far away from them).

Just a day to relax.

But did I?


I walked a mile along the beach to go shopping.....then walked a mile back.

I snorkeled. (For the first time ever in my life)

I played beach volleyball. (Not sure how I got suckered into that one, must have been a real moment of weakness.)

I kayaked. My aunt and I went together and it was really windy. We lasted about 10 minutes. If that.

But other than all that, I did relax and I enjoyed meals that I didn't have to cook. The food wasn't the greatest but I did not have to make it and that was AWESOME!

I did not get to lay on these big beds on the beach (they probably have some fancy name but I'm not fancy so I would have no idea what that name is) but I think it would be cool if I could have, so I just took a picture of them.

There were a few pictures of taken of me on this trip.

Isn't this just beautiful?

Our whole group. Of course, minus me.

This is Christine. We did not have the luxury of each having our own bed, so she was my sleeping mate for 4 nights.

This is Marci. Since Brad wasn't there, she was my date. Lucky her.

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