Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break In a Nutshell

Last week was spring break over here and I had planned a couple days of activities and hoped to have a nice relaxing fun week with my kids.

Well.......that didn't really happen.

Brad was supposed to move to the day shift last week for the next 4 months. was decided that he would stay on the afternoon shift for one more week. No, it was not his decision!

Since Joshua was starting Little League practice this week as well, this change in schedule meant that I would be taking care of baseball practice.

Also, since the change in schedule and since Brad's parents were coming back from Florida and needed their car back, we decided it was probably a good week to really step up the car search.

On Monday we spent the morning driving to every local dealership and had absolutely no luck. Even though I had been searching for a month for a vehicle online, we now knew that we were going to have to drive a little farther to get a car.

At night we went to Texas Roadhouse for supper. Brad had taken half the day off so that he could take Joshua to his first Little League practice. This dinner was a celebration of good report cards and was supposed to be the celebration of Brad going to days, so that was just a little premature. Then it was time to start Little League.

Tuesday, I took the kids to Lincoln Park Zoo with some friends.

Wednesday was a day to actually be home and prepare for what was to happen on Thursday. Then another baseball practice and Burger King in the car on our way to church for our last AWANA night. Alex told me that this was the best supper ever. Why do I even try?

On Thursday, we headed out to Wheeling, IL to test drive a Ford Expedition that I had found online. We were pretty sure we were going to buy it, so I had to have everything in order so that we could make the trip as quick as possible and bring the vehicle home with us. We left at 7:30 am and got home about 45 minutes before Brad had to leave for work. (There will be more on the car in another post.)

Friday morning was spent at my sister's house so that the kids could play and then the afternoon was spent at a friend's house so the kids could play.

Saturday was a day spent grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning to prepare for our Easter guests, Brad's family. Unfortunately in the morning as I was sending an email, my computer screen went blank and I noticed a small flame and smoke.

Yep, that was the end of my computer.

I am very thankful for my Kindle Fire since all but one of my recipes was saved on Pinterest, otherwise I'm not sure what my guests would have eaten on Sunday.

Monday the kids still had off but I spent my morning computer shopping. I do now have a new computer but I am still in the process of adding all of my programs to it. I had edited all of my photos from the zoo the day before the computer died. So as soon as I get Photoshop back on my computer I will have some more interesting posts about our week. Or who knows, maybe they won't be interesting. But at least they will have pretty pictures.

Now that I'm done typing all about our week, I feel that it looks very boring but believe was anything but boring. I enjoyed having the kids home all week and they enjoyed being home but we are glad to be back into the swing of things and back to our school schedule.

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