Tuesday, April 3, 2012

There are good birds and then there are just plain crazy birds!

These are the good birds. They come every year and swim on top of our pool cover. They are nice. They are quiet. They hang out for a little while and then go away. We enjoy their presence. The kids named them Brad and Melissa.

Then there is this bird. 

Last Thursday she was flying around with her mate. I pointed them out to the kids and we all admired the 2 cardinals.

Then she took a turn for the crazy.

She repeatedly rammed herself into our sliding glass door. That was Thursday morning. 

I left for work, came home in the afternoon and there she was, at it again. 

Friday morning she was back. Now I first wanted to assume that she was being a submissive wife. Her husband told her to do it. She listened. After she did all the hard work of breaking through he was just going to follow her in.

But then I noticed that HE was no longer with her. He knew she was crazy too. 

It has now been 5 days and she still hasn't given up. Although, I did see HIM again today. 

She has pooped all over my railing and deck and has messed up my windows. 

Hopefully one of these days she will just give up. Until then, I will listen to Crazy Bird hit my window repeatedly throughout the day. (And just so you know, closing the curtain doesn't help.)

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Rachael said...

We had a bird in DeMotte that looked similar to this one and every Spring it attacked our bathroom window. It drove us crazy and would start early in the morning. I tried all sorts of things: taping a pic of an owl on the window, and other things. What did work was I bought a plastic hawk from Ace and hung it in a nearby tree. The bird then went and pestered our neighbor's window :) Sorry, neighbor..but we were sick of that bird.