Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's Finally Out

Alex's first tooth has finally come out. It's true she has had 2 others come out but they had to be pulled by the dentist.

She was so excited to have one finally come out the natural way. And by natural way I mean that I pulled it. Once I pulled it out, I'm not so sure she liked it.

The second one has been hanging there but I think she is scared to have me pull it out. Any day now!

Of course, you all know that we have a really bad tooth fairy. Her track record is not so good. She is definitely consistent in her forgetfulness and her absentmindedness struck again.

I felt so bad. She came wandering into my room that morning and told me that the tooth fairy didn't come. I tried to play it off that maybe the money fell and was plotting a way to go grab a dollar and start searching and then magically find it. But Alex pointed out that the tooth was still there.

Thankfully the tooth fairy remembered on night 2.

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