Monday, August 13, 2012

A Couple Days Away

A couple weeks ago our family was able to sneak away for a couple days and have some fun.

The first day we headed to the Volo Auto Museum where we saw all kinds of........

Yep, you guessed it! Cars!

We saw expensive cars. This beauty was only $188,998!

We saw cute little convertible cars.

We sat in a racing car.

We saw old and shiny cars.
(The kids wanted to know why there were no seat belts in most of the cars.)

We saw famous cars. Lots of famous cars!

I was a little disappointed with Kitt. I thought he would be way cooler in real life. 

After the auto museum we headed over to Gurnee to check into our hotel, do a little shopping and get some food.

The next day we headed over to Great America and rode some roller coasters. At least the ones that we were tall enough to go on.

While eating lunch, I looked over and there was Brad flying this little airplane.

 We had a fun couple days and came home exhausted!

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