Monday, February 1, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

296 ~ a bracelet made for me by Joshua

297 ~ piggy back rides

298 ~ watching my girls stumble out of their rooms every morning half awake in their robes and slippers

299 ~ all the different expressions Isaac gets on his face when he has to tell me something

300 ~ a good report from Isaac's eye Dr. and no change in his rx for now, meaning I don't have to buy new glasses

301 ~ smiles

302 ~ dimples

303 ~ lunch with my sisters

304 ~ Joshua's flower blooming

305 ~ chocolate shakes

306 ~ nice man at Aldi who gave me his cart

307 ~ paychecks

308 ~ Isaac's help with the dishes (and yes, I do feed him, he is just that skinny!)

309 ~ water (drinking water, running water, shower water)

1 comment:

Annesta said...

I love chocolate shakes! Very yummy!
Lovely list
Grace to you