Monday, March 8, 2010

Contentment in my Heart

I think I've enjoyed MOPS this year more than any other. We have really had a lot of speakers that have shared struggles and encouragement. They have all just been a huge encouragement as Christian women to me.

This past Friday we had a woman who spoke to us about Cultivating Contentment in my heart and in my home. She spoke about 3 areas: Body Image, Relationships, and Possessions. "Comparison doesn't yield contentment." In each of these areas, don't we often compare ourselves to others. Comparing yourself to others is going to make us the opposite of content. We need to start being more thankful for who God made us and what He gave us. Gratitude! It helps! It has helped me tremendously. If you find yourself discontent most the time, I encourage you to start your own list!

Here is mine from the past couple weeks.

319~ Beth Moore's passion and excitement for the Bible

320~ encouragement

321~ criticism

322~ serving alongside Christian women

323~ God's timing

324~ smell of new lumber

325~ traded labor

326~ another week of our needs provided for

327~ willing little helpers

328~ kitchen timer that helps motivate my kids to clean up their toys

329~ the sun is shining, the birds are chirping
330~ a healthy new neice

holy experience


Trisha said...

I'm with seems like making a list just breeds more list much to be thankful for. I tell me children that Comparison is the death of contentment. It's so much more fruitful to focus on what God has given US. Thanks for the reminder.

Jenny said...

A true grace, finding thankfulness in the criticism. Thanking Him for your humility to see Him where He is, not only where you think He should be.