Friday, March 5, 2010

The Olympics Live On

The last couple weeks in our house we had a lot of fun watching the Olympics as a family. I especially got into the bobsledding and speed skating. Why is it that sports you never watch all of a sudden become fascinating? How come it's so fascinating to watch people jump in a sled and go down the same track over and over?

The kids must have really enjoyed it because now that there are no more olympics to watch, they have begun playing them. Mostly it is speed skating. The track is around the kitchen table.
This is a wipe-out.

Then came the figure skating.

This is Joshua in his pose before the music starts.

Then a lot of twirling by Alex.


Beth said...

Did you turn on some Neil Diamond for them to skate too? haha! Reminds me of us as kids! So wish we had video of that ;)

Melissa said...

Sorry, no Neil Diamond. I figured this would trigger some memories.