Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So many people are always raving about Jewel. Although I've thought some of their deals are good, it can take a lot of work and you have to do a couple transactions which is not something I like to do.

Last week though I decided to try some of it out. I got all of these groceries for under $35!!!!!

That included some of my needs, as you can see. This also included 3 pork roasts! I am really loving Jewel now. Is it wrong to have so much fun grocery shopping?

A really great deal they have going on is on Betty Crocker Fruit snacks. 5/$5. You do need to have their Preferred Card to get this price. When you buy 5, you will get a Catalina for $3.50 back on your next purchase. You can also try www.coupons.com for a $.50 coupon on the purchase of 2 and there was also one in Sundays paper. Another great deal was the Malto-Meal Cereal on sale for $1.49 plus I found coupons at www.coupons.com for $.75 off. Fisher Peanuts $1.89 with $1 off coupon from newspaper a couple weeks ago. As I look at the picture I could go on forever! If you need any help, just email me!

So what did I do with all my savings? I took a break from cooking that night and treated my family to Culvers!


Traci Michele said...

What's Jewel??? Is it a store?


Melissa said...

It's a local grocery store chain. I think it's only in the Chicagoland area. One of those stores you can pay a lot for food if you don't shop sales, but can save a ton of money if you shop there the right way!