Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Saving the Best for Last

I am always impressed when someone can save the best for last.

I have 2 boys.

One who takes his Lucky Charms and picks out all the marshallows and eats them first. Then he eats the rest of the cereal because his mean mom makes him do it.

Then I have another son who picks out all the marshmallows, eats the boring part of the cereal first and saves the marshallows for last.

Joshua is my saver. He has been this way since he was very little. If someone gave him 2 pieces of candy, he always ate one and saved the other for later.

He is also very good at finding money. It seems almost every time we leave the house he finds something to stick in his piggy bank when he gets home.

With these qualities I'm thinking maybe he'll be the next Dave Ramsey????

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