Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sickness and Obedience Charts

I had such high hopes for this week. As I looked at my calendar for the week, there was not much on it and so I was so excited to start my organizing of the house!

Well, it was a good thing that there was much on it because what little was on there was soon to be cleared because of.....



After church on Sunday, Isaac began complaining of a headache which later in the day turned into complaining of a sore throat.

Yep, you guessed it. Strep throat had hit our house again! I have had it twice this year, Brad has had it once and now Isaac. I took him to the Dr. on Monday morning to confirm and start the antibiotics. Now I am just waiting to get it, since apparently this is my year for all that is strep throat!

But don't worry, the story doesn't end there.

I awoke on Monday morning not feeling the best but wasn't sure if it was because of my lack of sleep because Isaac decided to sleep in our bed Sunday night poking me in the back every 30 seconds leaving me with little sleep or if I wasn't feeling good because I was coming down with something.

Later in the day after having a queasy stomach most of the day, I learned that it was not my lack of sleep but due to the flu. So me and Isaac hung out a lot this week with two different sicknesses. Now we just wait and see if anyone comes down with one of them and which one they will get. I did a lot of praying while in bed that this does not get passed along.

I had also cancelled cable and it was supposed to be gone as of Sunday, but thankfully the kind folks at Direct TV gave us a few extra days because they must have known we were going to be sick and needed some TV. It's gone now though and the kids keep asking when it's coming back.

During this (the sickness, not the cable cancellation) I learned that my mattress stinks and we need a new one because my back and neck are aching from all that laying around or maybe I'm just getting old. If you said old, you are completely wrong and I'm getting a new mattress soon!

Now onto the second part of my title. Last week the kids were learning about obeying their parents in their Sparks book and they had an obedience chart. We had wrapped that up, which I loved by the way. Anytime they would start to question me on something, I would say, "You are very close to losing that check on your obedience chart."  It worked like a charm.

Well, they must have loved this chart because tonight they all made their own. If I wasn't so lazy I would probably take a picture of them and post for you to see. Maybe I will at some point, just not today. 

They have it set up in code though. Since they can't write out everything yet, they made numbers and each number is a different thing that have to obey me. For instance, putting their clothes away, putting their toys away. Of course, on this obedience chart they put it in their room and they get to decide when they get a check. When I questioned Joshua on something tonight he said, "But mom, it's my obedience chart." I guess he gets to decide if he is obedient or not. Hmmm, something doesn't seem quite right about this but either way their charts were very cute.

(Please pardon all of the run on sentences and rambliness that this post as has brought, I promise to sound much more intelligent next post.)

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Rachel said...

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