Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's Happening?

I feel like I haven't bored you all with a post recently, so thought I'd share a few very uneventful things that have happened around our house.

1~ Today I totally messed up 2 batches of brownies. They were supposed to taste really good but I didn't add the right amount of one ingredient. Soon I will be sharing this awesome recipe with you. The correct one that is, not my messed up one.

2~ Just finished Day 2 of The Shred and I am sore. Glad tomorrow I have an excuse to not exercise.

3~ Have been slowly working on organizing my house. I can now see my desk and the girls room got lots of stuff thrown into the garbage. The sad thing is, I think their toys are already unorganized.

4~ Going out for breakfast with a friend and no kids is very exciting and now that I have learned this I think I will be planning lots of breakfast dates.

5~ I now have trim in my bathroom after not having it for 7 years. I also have trim in other places that has been missing for years. I finally have some furniture in my living room besides a couch and I have window treatments after not having them for years! Now I just wait on the painter.

6~ It's only the last week of January but after much procrastination, I finally finished my new and revised 2011 budget.

I've now run out of things to tell you about in my super exciting life.

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