Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Alex's First Visit From the Tooth Fairy

Alex's two bottom permanent teeth 
have been coming in behind her  baby teeth for some time now. We have had a few dentist issues (I will not bore you with the details) but yesterday we headed to another dentist. I was assuming that the dentist would just take a look at her teeth and we would schedule her appointment to have them pulled.


The dentist decided to pull them right away.

She was such a trooper. I think it was because she was excited to finally be losing some teeth!

Here she is getting some laughing gas.

We stopped at Wendy's on the way home to get her a Frosty.

We stayed home for about an hour and she decided she wanted to go back to school.

That afternoon we were discussing that the tooth fairy was going to come.

Of course, Alex knows the record that our tooth fairy has and said, "I hope she actually comes tonight."

Thankfully for Alex, the tooth fairy did not disappoint her. She even got an extra dollar because of all she had to go through to lose her teeth.

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bethvdg said...

oh that one picture of her just breaks my heart! she looks so sad :( reminds me of me getting all my teeth pulled and of Carter's mouth! most of his permanent teeth have been in before he's lost the baby teeth!