Thursday, October 20, 2011

For The Bacon Lovers

Most of you know this BUT at our house we LOVE Bacon!!!!

We have tried every brand there is and always end up with Oscar Mayer. So much that I quit buying any other brand no matter the price because it just doesn't taste nearly is good.

Well, my friends, today this has all changed.

For months now I have been tempted to buy Indiana Kitchen Bacon because there have been so many coupons in the newspaper. And if there is something I love as much as bacon, it's a good coupon!

Finally I gave in because I had not one but TWO coupons.

I'm talking stackable coupons people!

One from my local grocery store and one manufacturer. That is like coupon heaven for people like me.


I am here to report that Indiana Kitchen bacon is GOOD! Also, much cheaper than Oscar Mayer. I actually saw it at my local meat market for $1.99/lb.

My husband says it is not as good as Oscar Mayer but that it is acceptable. I really don't think I could taste the difference if it was a taste test.

Just thought I would share my bacon findings with all my bacon loving friends.

For readers outside of Indiana, I am not sure if this bacon is an Indiana only sold bacon but if I find out I will be sure to let you know.
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bethvdg said...

thanks for trying it! I've always wondered! We had bacon in our potato soup a couple nights ago and had a casserole with bacon on top last night! we love bacon too :)