Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Want Some of That

Day 10

This morning I received a text from Brad.

Thanks for your hard work on this diet. I feel good today!
This came from the guy that can drink a cup of coffee and go to sleep 5 minutes later. The guy that can drink a 5 hour energy and it doesn't affect him at all.


That is one of the biggest reasons I started us on this diet.

Brad has been complaining of fatigue and lack of energy for a really long time. I am also sick of the fatigue. As long as I keep moving I'm fine but as soon as I sit down I just want to sleep.

I would love to have energy to play with my kids!

One of the biggest testimonies I've heard from people who eat clean and also throughout It Starts With Food  is how great everyone feels and the amount of energy they have.

I REALLY wanted to know what that feels like. So willing to know, that I was willing to give up all the foods I love. All the foods I've eaten my whole life.

Monday I started feeling this energy. I was actually cleaning my house at 7pm. Something I never have energy to do at that point.

I'm excited that it's turning around for Brad too. One of my biggest fears was that after all this, it wouldn't affect him just like caffeine and 5 Hour Energy don't.

If we are starting to feel this good already, I'm looking forward to see how we feel by next week!

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