Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Isn't It Ironic

My last post talked about how I miss sugar and this one is going to tell you how bad sugar is for you.

Yes, I have split personalities when it comes to that grainy, delicious, deadly, white substance.

It goes to show you just how addictive it is. But I must report, that I do feel my cravings have gone down a lot this week.

 Of course, I did bake some cookies for my kids last night and it took every bit of will power to not lick the bowl. At one point I had gotten some on my finger and I asked if I could lick it off. My kids then erupted into chants of "LICK IT! LICK IT!  LICK IT!"

Brad just looked at me and said, "This doesn't look good for when they are teenagers." I then had flashbacks to when I was a teenager and decided I was not giving into the peer pressure.

But I digress.....let me get back on track.

Right, Sugar is bad for you.

Two years ago I read something, not sure where I saw it but it has stuck with me.

Sugar feeds cancer.

As soon as I read that I wanted to cut back on my sugar immediately. But there is one problem, sugar is addictive.

You the young age of 32 my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She also got it back a second time. I was trying to calculate how old she was when she got it the second time. From my calculations it must have only been about 2 or 3 years later because of my age.

I say all that because when I read that about sugar, I thought, why on earth would I want to continue to give my body something that will feed the disease that I am at such a high risk of being diagnosed with.

So, for me that is how it all started. And in January, I decided that we needed to cut back on the sugar in our house. As I started to read labels (I never was much for reading those things) I was shocked that EVERYTHING has sugar added to it.

We can talk about eating it in moderation but if 90% of what you eat has sugar added to it, it's not really eaten in moderation anymore.

Today I saw this posted on Facebook and thought I would share it.

25 Reasons to Stop Eating Sugar

I do want to add that yes, I will eat sugar again. But my goal all along was for myself and my family to eat a lot less sugar and that is still my goal. I also want to clarify that when I'm talking about sugar I am not talking about natural sugar. We still eat fruit over here.

In the book It Starts With Food I read that a 20 ounce soda (or pop as I like to refer to it) has 36 grams of fructose. In order to equal that in fruit you would have to eat 5 bananas, 9 cups of strawberries, or 90 cherries! That just goes to show you much sugar we actually consume!

Now, if I can just get my kids to be on board with me!

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