Sunday, October 18, 2009

How Great Is Our God

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This past week in my Bible study we have been studying who God is. This has made me really meditate on something I know but don't always take the time to think about every day.

I'd like to quote from the book we are studying called "This We Believe".

There is nothing more perfect, beautiful or glorious than God. He truly is the greatest thing. Yet all too often we forget this truth. When we do, idolatry creeps into our hearts and we cease to live fully for Him. But when we see Him in all of His glory and splendor, the sinful enticements of this world are crowded out. We become more holy as we develop a grand and magnificent vision of the transcendent God.

Today as I make my list of what I am thankful for, I want to focus on some of the things that I have been meditating on this week of who God is and some of His attributes.

Multitude Monday 181-197

His ways are higher than my ways Isaiah 55:8,9

He is the One true and living God

His power is absolute

He is the Great Creator

He is Triune

He is All Knowing

He is Unchangeable

He is Holy

He is Sovereign

He is Just

He is Wise

He is Faithful

He is Merciful

He is Good

He is Loving

He is Perfect

He is Everywhere

May you take the time today to think about the things that you are thankful for and may one of them be that we serve a Great God!

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Becky said...

Being grateful for who He is, is the reason we can be grateful for everything else.