Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Weekend Away

Last weekend I went away. I am finally blogging about it because once I came home I had a really busy week and once again was away. My week went like this - Jury duty Wednesday thru Friday and then every night I had something with the exception of Tuesday night. So here I finally am to tell you about my weekend at the Hearts at Home Convention in Grand Rapids, MI.

I went with 12 moms (including me) from the MOPS that I go to. We left on Friday morning in a couple cars. My car first stopped at the Tabor Hill Winery for a little wine tasting and some lunch. After sitting down for lunch we took a look at the menu. This was a fancy menu and I looked but could not find a hamburger and french fries.
Immediately one of the girls with us said, "We will never see these people again, we could just leave."

Someone else was a little embarrassed to do this so we decided to get a couple appetizers and split them and if we were still hungry we could hit a McDonald's later. So, the waitress comes over and Mary (who was doing the ordering) tells her what we have decided (about the appetizers not McDonald's). She tells her that we would like the crab cakes (which for the record I don't even like). (I have a lot of paranthesis going on.) The waitress lets us know that it is only ONE crab cake. Which then brings a lot of laughter from the rest of us. The ONE crab cake was only about 2 1/2 inches in diameter and was $14. After much laughing another girl asks her if we can have a couple minutes. After she leaves we then decided that we would rather leave than pay a lot of money for food and still be hungry when we are done. We ended up finding an Applebees later and eating there. It was delicious and in our price range.

Friday night was Moms Night Out and they had a Program. Go Fish was there, I actually had never heard them before and then there were a few short speeches.

On Saturday morning Jill Savage spoke and then I went to four different sectionals. Guilt-Free Motherhood and Finding the Hero in Your Husband both by Dr. Juli Slattery, E-factor with Mary Steinke was about different emotions and the last was My Hearts at Home with Jill Savage. My favorite was Finding the Hero in Your Husband. I am hoping to write another post just about some of my favorite things that I learned during the sectionals.

We ended the day listening to Dr. Kevin Leman speak. He wrote the book Have a New Kid by Friday. If you've never heard him speak I just have to tell you HE IS HILARIOUS!!!! I have not laughed that hard in a very long time. The next day my stomach muscles hurt from laughing so hard.

I also forgot to mention that Saturday was my birthday. I have now hit 34! Why does that number always seem so big when I actually see it. It sounds old, but when I see it WOW! That night we went out for dinner and Mary got her crab cakes. Got 4 of them for $7. Seemed like such a bargain after seeing 1 for $14.

On our way home we got a flat tire. Thankfully Mary said she knew how to change it but unfortunately it was a different kind of jack and she couldn't get it under the van because we had to pull off the road and the van was on a tilt. Sooooo, thankfully after about a half an hour a man stopped to help us and then a few minutes later another man stopped. Between those two men they got it changed and we were on our way.

It was a great weekend away but it was so good to get home. I missed my family a lot and couldn't wait to get home to them!

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