Thursday, October 1, 2009

Magazines and Recipes

I'm not sure if you all do this but I accumulate magazines. I get them in the mail, look at them and then they go in a nice pile. I might mark a few pages that I have of interest and set it aside but if I don't use it right away of course I can never find it.

Years back I had gone through a lot of my magazines and I had two binders I put them in. One for recipes and the other for home remodeling. Of course the kind of recipes I cut out 10 years ago are definitely different than the kinds of recipes I cut out now. It's all about ease and not too much for entertaining. The home remodeling ones were very helpful when redoing our house. I would often take several ideas and put it into one or even just room colors and things like that.

Since I have about 3 or 4 years of magazines collected again, I've been slowly going through them. Sometimes I'll just grab a couple and page through them before I go to sleep. Most of the magazines I have are Family Fun and Better Homes and Gardens but I have a few others mixed in also.

I've started folders this time to make it a little easier and as I use them I will either mark them as something we like or throw it away. My folders consist of Crafts, Kids games, Home Decor, Landscaping, General Ideas, and Recipes. I have not completely decided how I am going to work my Recipe folder yet since this is a little more complicated.

I did make a meat loaf recipe the other night that I wasn't crazy about so that page went directly into the garbage. Then the next night I tried this White Chili with Chicken that I found in a recent Family Fun magazine. This one was absolutely delicious! Of course that is what I thought, can't say the whole family agreed. One kid loved it, another said she didn't like the beans and ate everything else, another said she didn't like the beans but then only ate the beans and another slept through supper. If you know my kids you can probably figure out which kid is which.

I found one magazine that I used to get called Wonder Time. They stopped printing this magazine and I found out why. Not one page got ripped out of this magazine while I was flipping through it and recipes were not very kid friendly. Not even sure they were adult friendly. Things like Thai-style butternut squash soup and also lentil soup. Are my kids the only crazy ones that would never eat this? I think Brad might even turn around and walk out the door if I told him that was what is for supper when he got home.

I would love to hear what you all do with your magazines? Do you rip the pages out? What do you do with them after you do that? Any organizing tips you can give me?


Beth said...

Yep, I rip them out, gotta pages here and there. Haven't done it in a while though, I now just throw the good housekeeping mag away and and even stopped ordering it! I would love that white chili though! Had some had a restaurant once and loved it! Let me know if you've got any leftovers!

Melissa said...

I can get you the recipe. Thought about posting it but looked like a lot of typing and figured if someone wanted it they would ask. I do have some leftovers but that is on the list of things for the family to eat while I'm gone this weekend.