Thursday, October 29, 2009

As They Grow

It's amazing how one day you have this life (or in my case lives) inside of you and before you even see them you are in love. Then one day you get to meet that child (or children) face to face and you love them even more. It's hard for me to believe that over 5 years later I am still falling more and more in love with my children.

I love to watch them grow. I love to hear the things they come up with, their conversations with each other, the expressions on their face when they are happy or excited or sad, and to listen to all their questions. Okay, maybe not ALL their questions. If you were a fly on our wall you will often hear, "No more questions, I can't take it anymore!" Or while we are driving in the car, "Can we just drive with no one talking." But there are times when I do love to listen to their questions. Especially when it's just me and 1 of my children and not all them asking questions at once.

I just wish I could bottle it all or some way share with you all on here their cute little voices. The funny expressions on their face. The way Alex loves to just creep over onto your lap and you don't even notice. All of a sudden there she is. Isaac hopping around the house on his big ball. (Best invention ever!) The cute way that Joshua pulls his mouth right after he tells you something that is very exciting to him. The serious look that Amanda gets on her face when she is telling you a story and the clicking of her mouth as she tells it.

I love to watch them grow. The older they become, the more complex their questions. Questions about God, questions about Satan. Their thought process is amazing! I love to just sit back and take in their "childlike faith." Although they are busy asking questions and trying to learn from me, I sit back and I learn from them. I love to listen to their prayers. Prayers of praise, prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of petitions. WOW! It's amazing to me how much 4 and 5 year olds understand.

Alex came to me a few days ago and said, "Mom," (all sentences with her either start with or end with the word Mom) "Does Satan try to trick people?"

Me "Yes he does."

Alex "What state does he live in?"

Me - Laugh and then try to explain to her how Satan works. I'm guessing she wanted to check if he lived in Indiana to know if he would be trying to trick her.

As much as I would love to just freeze time and keep my kids this age forever, I am also excited to continue to watch them grow and to see what God has in store for them.

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Traci Michele said...

so beautiful! Kids are so smart, aren't they! They keep us hopping, laughing, loving, screaming, LIVING!