Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Things Said

Here are a few things said and/or overheard around the house lately that have made me smile.


I was watching Planet Earth with the kids and there was a shark that ate a seal and it was really fast. Isaac says, "Mom, if you want to be fast you have to be like a motorcycle." Really? Not sure where that came from.

While watching this show a commercial came on for Head and Shoulders where there was a man interviewing a football player after a game and the player had this long, flowing, curly hair. Alex says, "That's a boy with girl hair, right mommy?" That most definitely was a boy with girl hair! If you've seen this commercial you know what we are talking about!


Last week I was baking a cake and Isaac was in the bathroom....on the toilet. Apparently he likes to think while sitting on the toilet. He called me over once to ask me a question and I answered and then went back into the kitchen. Then he starts calling me again, over and over and over. Finally, I head to the bathroom where I got this thought provoking question, "Who painted the walls in the bathroom?" Seriously????


One day I was doing devotions with the kids and the devotional was about how God made the ocean. Afterward one kid had a comment and in our house once one says something, everyone has something to say. So we started with Isaac.

Isaac - "We can make sandcastles at the ocean."

Next was Joshua - "God made everything."

Next Amanda - "We love everything that God made."

Then came Alex - "I only like soccer practice."

Hmmmmm? Wonder where that came from.


Last Friday my nephew Carter spent the night. I overheard Joshua to say him, "So Morgan is always bossy at you?"

Carter replied, "Of course she is, she's a girl!"


I was using the bathroom when my lovely daughter Amanda walked in and told me, "Mommy, I think your buns are too big for the toilet."

Ummmm, Thank you?!

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bethvdg said...

Oh the honesty of children! I've been meaning to tell you about your buns, but she beat me to it- just kidding :) Glad you got to use Carter's quote! They all made me laugh!