Tuesday, January 19, 2010

They Make Me Smile

When I started this blog, it was partly because I wanted to keep track of some of the cute things that my kids say that make me smile. I've been collecting things for the last few months, hope you all smile with me.


The following are some things that Alex has said.

"Mom, is 300 more than 12?" (Just a little)

"How old are you mom, 19?" (She's close)

Alex - "Does Satan trick people?"
Me - "Yes he does."
Alex - "What state does he live in?"
I'm thinking she wants to stay out of that state.

Me - "What do you want for a snack?"
Alex -"Crackers and cheese but I don't want any cheese."
Me - "So just crackers?"
Alex - "Yes."

Alex - "Mom, are we going shopping today?"
Me - "No, the stores are too busy."
Alex - "But it's Black Friday!"
Commercials brainwash your kids more than you know!


The following are things Amanda has said.

"Mom, did God say 'Let there be paper' and there was paper?"

I was trying to get Amanda to say Yellow with a Y and not a L.
"Y, Y, Lellow!"


And now for Joshua.

We were watching an show about animals on TV and they were showing whales.
Joshua - "Mom, they said the baby whale needs lots of milk, where does he get the milk?"
Me - "His mom."
After some thought he asks, "Where does his mom go to buy it?"

"Do the bad guys get fired up?" Translation - do the wicked go to hell?

"When we go to heaven do we get to watch God make the rain?"


And then there is Isaac.

I had a bottle of de-icer sitting on the counter and it had a turtle on the label.
Isaac asked, "Mom, does that kill turtles?"
Apparently he thinks we have a huge turtle problem at our house.

I went away for a couple nights in October.
The next week Isaac asked me, "Can you go away to your friends house overnight again?"
I'm guessing he really missed me while I was gone.


Traci Michele said...

Oh my goodness! Those were so very cute! Kids say the funniest things!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your friendship means a lot!

Anonymous said...

These are great! I have been keeping some of our "funnies" in a journal for the kids when they are older--they are great to look back on and read! Kristen