Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Camping Trip of the Summer

Last week I was busy getting ready for our first camping trip of the summer. Did you figure that out since that is what I titled this post?

Of course, I have to admit there was a little lounging on my raft in the pool too.

We went camping for a couple nights this weekend to the Indiana Dunes with our friends the Wories and my sister Nikki and her family.

I took a whole whopping 1 picture while on this trip. This is Isaac with his new flashlight on his head, an early birthday present which he was so excited about!

Basically, we sat in the heat, got eaten alive by mosquitoes, got rained on, got dirty, sat at the beach, sat in lawn chairs and talked, sat by the campfire, ate, and got a little sleep. It was all very exciting and as you can tell, it is very exciting blog material.

Since we got home I've been busy cleaning the house, grocery shopping and doing loads of laundry!

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Angie said...

that is the one thing about going camping there is plenty of laundry to bring home! I love to camp!