Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jewel Deals

Sometimes I get such great deals on grocery store purchases I just want to share it with everyone. Today was one of those days! Unfortunately Jewel's sales on most of these items ends today. So if you are reading this today, hurry up and you can go get some free food for yourself.

First Transaction:

This one was all the healthy items! (note sarcasm)

5 Capri Sun
2 Cocoa Krispies (had coupon for $1 off)
2 Rice Krispie Treats (had coupon for $1 off)
4 Pop Tarts (had coupon for $1 off)
2 Fruit Snacks (had coupon for $1 off)

Total $29.65
Received $10 Catalina for Keebler and Kelloggs Products (this deal is good until the 15th)
Received $5 Catalina on Capri Sun

Second Transaction:

3 Diet Pepsi ($1.88 each when you buy 4 Pepsi products)
1 Lipton Raspberry Iced Tea
3 Sweet Baby Rays ($.88 each)
5 Kraft Cheese (had $5 off coupon)

Used my $15 Catalina's from first purchase
Grand total $.69

Received $5 Catalina back on cheese

Third Transaction:

5 Cool Whips ($1 each)
Used $5 Catalina from previous purchase
Grand Total $.00

I also received $5 Catalina back on this

So there you have it, for all this food I paid $30.34 and I have $5 to go spend at Jewel yet!

If you want some more information on these deals and where I got some of my coupons you can go to Jill Cataldo's website, she helps me out a lot!


Beth said...

Next time just do this twice and give the 2nd half to me! That's some great deals there sister!

Melissa said...

Sure, b/c 3 transactions wasn't enough?

Beth said...

Well, you need something to fill all your spare time now, don't you? hehe!