Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Kids Think I'm Ancient

Hi.....I'm Melissa and I've been a lazy blogger and a mom that has been too busy to put much thought into blogging. So, I'm sorry about that. Besides the kids starting school, we've had Brad take on a second job and we've gone away the last couple weekends. Eventually I will get to downloading the pictures from my camera and sharing all the fun things we've been doing. I'm sure you just can't wait to read all about it  don't care.

I thought I would share this funny little conversation that has been going on with my kids over the past few weeks.

My kids think I'm old.

This makes me very sad that I am the "old lady", but they don't only think I'm old, they think I'm ancient! They often ask me if I watched a certain show that they like, when I was a kid. I proceed to tell them that show wasn't ON TV when I was a kid. They often ask me if I did such and such or if I had a certain toy, to which I tell them, "No, we didn't have that when I was a kid."

Today, Alex asks me if I liked Backyardigans when I was a kid.

I explained to her that this show wasn't on when I was little and in fact, I didn't even have cable when I was a kid.

Joshua says, "Boy mom, they didn't have very much when you were a kid."

That made me feel like I was from the stone age!

To drive home the point of how old they think I am, a couple weeks ago one of them asked me if I met Jesus when he was still alive.

Really? Do I look that old. Better start using more wrinkle cream!

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